what is All in One Computer Desktop?

All in One Desktop PCs for Education

Conventional PCs, having a separate monitor. A closed case incorporating the hard drive, CPU, etc. and input devices have now been re

With a single unit containing all the components of the computer except for the input devices like keyboard, mouse.

Such a single unit PC is known as an all-in-one desktop, which you can buy on Amazon by clicking this link, All in one PCs are ideal for libraries, computer labs, and educational institutes as they occupy much less space and are easy to manage. These PCs have modern touch screens and integrated memory, hard disk, etc.

all in one computer
All in one computer

In this article, we will look into the details of an all in one PC. Also, provide guidelines for buying the right one for you.

The design improvements and the small profile advantage. Makes this PC ideal for usage in educational environments. Where less space and more functionality need to be available to students.

The Key Factors of All-in-One Computer

  • All in one computer only has a single unit that incorporates. All the components required a conventional desktop to function, input devices being an exception.
  • Even though it has way better efficiency, processing speed, and space management, it is still not high in demand among users.
  • All in one computer is a little expensive compared to a traditional desktop.
  • The repair and maintenance bills are also on the higher side. Because of the design complication.
Apple iMac 21.5in 2.7GHz Core i5 (ME086LL/A) All In One Desktop, 8GB Memory, 1TB Hard Drive, Mac OS X Mountain Lion
Apple iMac all in one desktop

Background of the All-in-One PC

The introduction of the all in one PC to the world goes back to the early 1980s. Initial purchases of the product were on the lower side.

Until the top computing companies started incorporating the design structure of the AIO desktop. When in the late 1990’s Mac, HP, and Microsoft introduced such systems. The overall market demand increased for a while and then decayed as time passed.

All in one PC Advantages

All in one PC has the following advantages over the conventional desktop systems:

  • AIO systems occupy less space and have design improvements. Both of which make them ideal for use in confined areas.
  • AIO systems are less complicated with reduced cable connections making them less complicated. Such systems decrease signal noise and increase efficiency.
  • These desktops have touch screen features. Making them easy to navigate through, user friendly, and more reliable.

Such desktops have more impetus and optimization in comparison to conventional PCs. that make them highly productive for tasks that require faster speed.

However, laptops are useful for students in confined educational institutes. Having less area for computer labs or libraries all in one, PCs are ideal as they occupy less space.

The added benefit of using an all-in-one PC for students is that the display of the system gets navigated through touch. And it is the right way to familiarize students with new technologies.

Apart from this, an all-in-one computer has a more powerful processor and a high-quality design. Making it optimized in performance and easy to use.

Other advantages are that AIO PCs can get used for a variety of different functions. They can find their usage as Televisions when paired with a streaming application.

Such systems can get used for audio purposes as they come with built-in speakers that offer graphic card modifications to enhance capability as a gaming machine that enables students to play video games on the same system instead of opting for a gaming console.

In a nutshell, this PC offers students all features of a regular desktop and more while taking up far less space.

All in one PC desktop disadvantage

• All in one PC desktop is more expensive than the traditional computer desktop because it used the latest technologies.
• Repairing and maintenance cost is higher than the conventional desktop, because of the design complexity.
• it is not popular as a traditional computer desktop among its uses.

All in one computer Buying Guide

Are you looking to buy an all in one PC for personal usage? Are you looking to set up a computer lab? Computer lab you can buy on amazon by clicking this link.

The ideal computers to install in a school or a corporate facility are all in one PC dedicated to providing multiple functionalities.

But before moving forward, let us discuss what are the details to consider while buying the right type of AIO PCs. The specifications are the main things to look for while deciding on a specific model.

Component Specifications

In any PC, the most relevant things to look for are the specifications of the system components. As the operation and performance are entirely dependent on them.

Companies do market different new features to incorporate a different taste. But there are 4-specifications to pay heed to while going for any PC. Those component specifications are available in the following:

1. Processor

Usually, all-in-one PC come pre-installed with core i5 processors you can buy on Amazon by clicking this link, that is not enough if you compare the tasks students need to perform daily.

For this, it is recommended to go for core i7 processors, which you can buy on Amazon by clicking this link, which is more capable of providing optimized performance and performing heavy tasks. Another benefit of using the latest processor is that it offers more power to the system.

core i5 processors
core i5 processors
2. RAM

Mainly known as random access memory, RAM provides temporary storage to apps, files, or software programs recently in use by the user. If the RAM storage is not enough, it confines the user from multitasking at one time.

but if you go for RAM that has a storage capability of 8GB can fulfill all computer requirements of a student. This component generally costs far less than others and can get replaced or upgraded once required.

3. Graphics

A graphic processor that comes with a central processing unit. Is the reason for all the high-quality visuals and videos you are able to see on the all in one PC?

The graphics-processing unit that comes built-in with the PC’s CPU is good enough for tasks related to office or educational purposes. However, if you want to play video games with high visuals, you need to install a graphic card into your system.

all in one core i7
all in one core i7
4. Computer Storage

You need to pick an all in one PC that holds up good storage capability. As it is responsible for storing files, apps, software programs, etc. in your system.

There are two types of computer storage facilities generally used. One being HDD that is a little older version, and the other type is SSD without any mechanical parts and larger storage capacity.

An SSD of 500GB you can buy on Amazon by clicking this link, offers all the right features of speed and storage that a user requires.