How to choose Gaming Headphones?

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Playing is an increasingly immersive experience. And although games and consoles and PC gaming or gaming laptop are mostly to blame for this, peripherals such as gaming headsets help to make the most of the virtues of the most ambitious titles.

There are hundreds of models, each with its own particularities. In addition, what qualities make simple headsets become “gaming”?

In this gaming headset-buying guide, you will find models that deliver great sound capable of making a competitive difference beyond that striking and colorful aesthetic.

How to Choose Gaming Headphones – Buyer’s Guide

As we already anticipated a few lines above, gaming headphones are still helmets, so the key factor will be the sound quality they offer.

this sense, if they manage to deliver a sound that respects the timbre of the instruments, the detail of the composition, and covers the range of frequencies audible by our ear (approximately between 20 Hz and 20 kHz), they will be good headphones, both for gaming as for other purposes. Come on, good general-purpose headphones could help us.

However, it is common for gaming headphones to provide a punch to the bass so that the sound is more spectacular (but less balanced if, we use them for other tasks). Although it is not the only difference: the gaming models’ characteristic features lie substantially in their construction and the integrated microphone.

Design and Ergonomics: Looking to wrap us comfortably

However, let us go by parts: they must be able to isolate us from the environment so that we are focus on what happens in our game, and they must be ergonomic. In addition, here, the type of headset has a lot to say. Thus, the design of gaming headphones that best wraps the ear to isolate it is circumaural, so it is the most common.

If we add to this that, we are probably going to spend hours wearing them, they must be comfortable, and the architecture of these auditory pavilions takes care of that. In these models, the aim is for the pressure to be homogeneously distributed on the headband and the pads.

The large sizes in their compact designs also have a logical explanation, since we will use them while under tension, so they are exposed to falls and shocks.

Surround or non-surround sound, a matter of titles

A circumaural design helps deliver immersive sound, but achieving this is not always going to be that important. And there are genres such as shooters in which it takes on a special importance and others such as indie titles or 2D platforms in which surround sound is secondary.

In general, those of action and adventure are the perfect candidates to enjoy surround sound, and in them, we usually find some real-time multi-channel sound coding technology such as Dolby atoms’, as is the case with For Honor, Overwatchand others. As you can see, they are top titles (and they are not the only ones), but more and more games are betting on offering these sound systems over time.

A Functional Microphone

In gaming headphones, we will find a microphone. In this use scenario, the sound’s clarity and quality are not as important as in musical or studio microphones. Still, the sound must reach the receiver.

For this reason, they must be required to capture the sound, although, in the top models, they integrate an active noise cancellation that considerably improves the collection.

As an additional function that does not affect the sound at all, the microphone of the gaming headset can be retractable or even detachable, you choose.

wired or wireless gaming headphone

Although it is foreseeable that we will use our gaming helmets sitting on the sofa or in some kind of office chair, some gamers move a lot, and here it is the much appreciated to have wireless headphones. Of course, that comfort it is paid, since, for similar characteristics, the price will be higher.

However, whether we bet on wired gaming headphones with a USB port or on wireless ones, the DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) will be in charge of converting the audio signal from digital to analog6, something essential in quality sound.

In this sense, the signal-to-noise ratio is key, reaching 130 dB in stereo in the most ambitious models.

The Best Five Wireless Gaming Headset

Suppose you are looking for affordable gaming headsets with a good design, that is light, comfortable, and delivers good surround sound (especially if you do not take it to high volumes). In that case, the HyperX Cloud Stinger is a model to consider.
Featuring faux leather, simple controls located on its flip-up cups, and a noise-canceling microphone, you can purchase it on amazon by clicking this link.

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Our Rating

2. Corsair HS50 Pro

The Corsair HS50 Stereo is the best that can be found within a contained budget.
They are simple at the level of design, adjustments, or connectivity, but they include a large driver that provides good sound, their controls are sufficient for a not very demanding user, they are well built, and they are multiplatform.
And one more point in its favour: its microphone is Discord certified.

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Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

By design, the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition are not a model for the most discreet. If neon green is not a problem, its design is compact and ergonomic, with comfortable gel pads that favor cooling and synthetic leather, as well as a padded headband.

However, its strong point is the sound (especially in the bass), very acceptable within its price range thanks to its DAC and its driver. Although they are not multi-channel, they feature THX Spatial Audio technology to emulate the spatial sound.

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SteelSeries Arctis 7

With a cushioned suspension headband emulating very light ski goggles, the SteelSeries Arctis 7 is a very interesting model for those looking for a complete and versatile model at a moderate price.

Moreover, it is that these helmets do not skimp on details at an acoustic level, such as the folding microphone with active noise cancellation technology and Discord certification or the 7.1 channel surround sound.

In addition, they are an off-road model, not only because of their moderately discreet design but because they work with or without cables (in this case, their autonomy is up to 24 hours) and their multiplatform use, being able to use them even with the mobile.

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HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro

With a construction, finishes, and materials uncommon in the price range that uses aluminum to achieve a lightweight and robust structure, the HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro features dual-chamber ear cushions for more comfort and reduce distortion, delivering a cleaner sound.

The microphone is Discord and TeamSpeak certified, removable, and features the noise-canceling gaming headset technology. You can connect it to any device that has a jack socket.

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