Is PlayStation VR worth it?

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Video games have come a long way. Long ago, when we’re young, video Games were nothing but mere pixelated graphics that usually revolve around shooters, puzzles, adventure, etc (hello Galaga and Contra!). Even though simple in terms of gameplay, these managed to be classic time passers many loved.

But games right now are more complex in terms of graphics and gameplay. Textures, character design, mechanics, and other video game elements are more high-end. And due to this, gamers’ standards for excellent gaming have never been harder to meet on the part of game designers.

With its PlayStation VR, PlayStation 4 managed to meet all gamers’ standards. PlayStation VR takes you to the battlegrounds of PUBG, the mystical landscape of God of War.

The heart-throbbing yet fun environment of other popular video games. Get PlayStation VR now if you don’t have it. But before you do, allow me to tell you why it’s a device that all gamers should invest in.

Is PlayStation VR worth it?
Image by Thomas Meier from Pixabay

What is PlayStation VR?

The PlayStation VR {you can buy on Amazon by clicking this link }is a virtual reality system that serves as an add-on device to the Sony PlayStation 4. Products that usually comprise the PlayStation VR are cables, a virtual reality headset, and high definition headphones

Sony developed PlayStation under the codename Morpheus. It was released in October 2016. Compatibility for the PlayStation VR is exclusive to PlayStation 4 consoles and PlayStation 5 consoles. So yeah, if you own gaming consoles other than these, buying PlayStation VR is useless since it won’t work.

There are two types of PlayStation VR that gamers are using today – the CUH -Z VR1 and the CUH VR2. In terms of design, nothing is very different about these.

Functionality is where the two differ though. The older model -the CUH-Z VR1 – needs constant unplugging and replugging every time you use the Gaming Console where’s it’s connected.

the other hand, the CUH Z-VR2 – the newer version- doesn’t have to be replugged once it’s connected to the console.

Thus, if you are to choose, getting the CUH Z-VR2 is better since you won’t have to mess with the cables every time.

Know that fidgeting with the keyboard each time you play is never great for PS4 maintenance. Continous unplugging and replugging might lead to the loosening of the cable sockets of the console and bending of the pin of the cable.

PlayStation VR - Mega Blood + Truth Everybody's Golf Bundle
PlayStation VR

PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro?

PlayStation Pro users make the most of PlayStation VR benefits greatly from PlayStation Pro just like how Gaming monitors enjoy graphic enhancements.

Higher resolution, more detailed textures, better draw mapping, better anti-aliasing, smoother animation, smoother camera transition, and fewer blurs, are what PlayStation Pro provides to users of PlayStation VR.

Normal PlayStation 4 is fine. But, the gaming experience with PlayStation VR isn’t as great as that of PlayStation Pro {you can buy it on Amazon by clicking the buy it on Amazon}. Though compatible, the less powerful normal PlayStation 4 has more blurs, lesser details, poorer animation, and a lesser smooth camera transition.

That being said, I really recommend that you get the PlayStation 4 Pro [you can buy on Amazon by clicking the Buy it on Amazon].

for PlayStation VR. Normal Playstation 4 is okay if you can’t invest a lot of money. However, the gaming experience will be much different.

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console
Playstation 4 Pro

Bundles, Bundles, Bundles

Sony commonly sells the PlayStation VR system in bundles. Bundles vary depending on the condition of the market. But still, I have a fair idea of popular ones online.

The first bundles are for those who don’t have the budget to get all the accessories that come with the Playstation VR system. Products that you’ll get upon buying are the virtual reality headpiece, the controller, user tutorial disc, and a camera.

Meanwhile, there’s a more expensive bundle that’s for you if you want to get all the accessories that come with the PlayStation VR system. Aside from the abovementioned parts, you’ll get a demo disc, a motion controller, and PlayStation VR games.

Is the PlayStation Worth it ?

PlayStation VR didn’t fall out of trend since its release. Up until now, lots of gamers are still using this device for gaming. But why?

As it turns out, the majority of the most popular games on PS4 – PUBG, Fortnite, Call Of Duty, Apex Legends, Borderlands, and Call of Duty of Warzone – are better played via PlayStation VR. Most games right now revolve around quick responses.

And to respond quickly, there’s a better way than to feel what’s happening in the game first hand. VR users who play PUBG report that it’s easier to spot opposing players. Furthermore, playing is more immersive the battlefield feels like they’re on it.

But aside from that, the PlayStation VR lets gamers use the ergonomic designs of their gaming chairs. By using PlayStation VR, gamers can play while resting their back comfortably and without arching their backs for viewing the gaming monitor hardly.

PlayStation VR isn’t uncomfortably heavy on the head. Manufacturers designed it this way so that gamers can relax well while playing their favorite games.

Also, PlayStation VR is more affordable than before. Lots of good secondhand units are sold in online marketplaces. Thus, searching where to buy isn’t a problem. On sites like E-bay, you’ll find used PlayStation VR that is sold for $1500 or lower.

As long as you don’t mind using second-hand items, getting your hand on a PlayStation VR isn’t a problem.

But using a brand new model isn’t bad if you have the money. A new PlayStation VR is a long-term investment.

Right now developers are making games that revolve around this device. Therefore, in a few years, the use of a gaming monitor might become obsolete, but the use of PlayStation VR won’t. And in connection, most of the brand new PlayStation VR that stores sell are the second generation versions.

Are There Health Concerns?

To finish, I just want to talk about a few health concerns when using PlayStation VR. Employ extreme gaming discipline if you’re epileptic, using this product.

Games that contain lots of flashing and screen color changes are more prone to causes seizures if you play them via PlayStation VR. Surveys show that the possibility of experiencing episodes of epilepsy due to PlayStation VR isn’t high.

But, it’s proven that many did suffer from symptoms like dizziness, unconsciousness, and eye muscle twitching.