Should I buy a Nintendo Switch Lite?

The Nintendo Switch has been one of the most popular consoles to date; it recently came out in 2017 which was then newly refreshed in 2019. Considering that I own a standard Nintendo Switch,

I can’t help recommend the Switch to any console lovers out there; the Switch redefines the way we play, taking portability to heights, and becoming the first successful Switch to switch console.

Luckily, you now have two options to choose from the Standard or the Lite Switch.

Should you buy a Nintendo Switch Lite?

Yes, however, Lite is aimed at a specific player preference, let me explain. The Nintendo Lite was launched as a smaller cheaper device, aimed at anyone on the budget, looking for a portable petite handheld device, designated to players who prefer single-player games.

Compared to the Standard, there are some significant differences between one and the other. you can buy on Amazon by clicking this link.

Nintendo Switch Lite - Gray
Nintendo Switch Lite – Gray

Nintendo Switch Lite VS Standard Specifications

  • Nintendo Switch Lite comes at a starting price of $199, it’s remarkably cheaper compared to the Standard starting price of $299
  • Has an NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor.
  • Battery life ranges from 3 – 7 hours, while the newly refreshed Nintendo Switch ranges from 4.5 – 9 hours.
  • Lite dimensions are 8.2 x 3.6 x 0.6 inches. The Lite rocks a 5.5 inches screen trimmed down from its predecessor and that reaches 6.2 inches.
  • Both Switch has LCDs with a 1280 x 720 resolution. Lite has a shaper pixel density although the color temp and brightness contrast seem slightly better on its predecessor, but doesn’t impact a huge difference.

Pros of the Switch Lite


The Lite earns its name by being shockingly small, for reference it’s about the size of an iPhone 11 pro max, yet it feels perfect when playing it.

The Lite is 30% lighter than the Standard, so there’s zero fatigue when holding it. There are also many reviews complimenting the sleeker design and controls, the Coral color with the white buttons being my personal favorite.


The Speakers are noticeably weaker than Standard, but it’s mostly due to the console’s size and the placement since they are placed downward. They sound great but slightly quieter for the device.

Transferring Data

For Standard Switch owners that just purchased a Switch Lite, thankfully is relatively straightforward. There’s a reasonably simple transfer process from one console to another; it requires both of your systems to be on the same Wi-Fi.

The Switch also includes a save data cloud for anyone who wants to back up their files and it’s simple to download cloud saves back and forth between both devices, making sure that you don’t lose any data if there’s a bug in the system.


The Lite and newly 2019 refreshed Nintendo Switch has an updated battery and SOC (switch-on-a-chip); this means it’s a bit more efficient for network storage, and data flow, and integrated circuit, as such it has a significantly improved battery life.

The Switch Lite has a battery range from 3 to 7 hours depending on the games you are playing and compared to the old original Switch, the rate of drain contrast is notable. Lite is surprisingly powered efficient, and it can handle any games you play on.

Nintendo Switch Lit Games

If you are worried about which games you can play on the Lite than the Standard Switch, don’t worry; you can play nearly every Switch game title out there. From top titles such as Legend of Zelda to the Witch and Super Mario Odyssey, regardless of whether you have a Standard Switch or Lite Switch, all the games are the same.


If you have an SD card you can’t just use it from one device to another, you have to reformat it.

To increase your Nintendo switch lite efficiency by adding a microSD card sd card to increase Nintendo switch lite storage and speed there are many different microSD cards available online start depending on your budget the following table shows some of the micro SD cards available on amazon.

Nintendo Switch Lite Bundle

Nintendo Switch also gives you the option to build your bundle, which is fantastic. You can pick the console color, the game, online membership, and the accessory for a price of $265.

Cons of the Switch Lite


No Docking station is included in the Standard, so if you purchase a Lite, you can’t dock and display the game on your television screen.

While it doesn’t seem like a big deal, it’s one reason why many people purchase the Standard; having the freedom to play however you want, this is why Lite exists, to serve as a strict handheld gaming option.


The Joy-cons don’t detach so there are no motion controls, no censors, or even vibration; while this saves tons of battery usage, the freedom of detaching the Joy-Cons to play a game with your friends is not included with the Lite. The Lite feels that it is aimed more for a single player than a social multiplayer event.

Nintendo Neon Purple/ Neon Orange Joy-Con (L-R) - Switch. # neon orange joy
#nintendo controls
Neon Orange Joy-Con (L-R)

Depending on the player’s preference the Switch Lite has replaced the four directional buttons, and the left Joy-Con for a D-pad.

There have been negative reviews for the D-pad, while it feels great to play basic platformers, the D-Pad feels smaller for action and fighting games that demand pinpoint precision.

The following picture is a Ralthy Wireless Pro Controller Compatible with Switch/Switch Lite, you can buy a Nintendo switch lite Pro controller online on Amazon by clicking the Buy it on amazon.

Ralthy Wireless Pro Controller Compatible with Switch/Switch Lite, Remote Pro Controller Gamepad Joystick for Switch Controller, Supports Gyro Axis, Turbo and Dual Vibration
#nintendo pro controller
#nintendo switch lite controller
Pro Controller 


Like the Standard, there are no modern enhancements for the Lite; there’s no Bluetooth, and it’s not a switch to console, again you can’t play it with another player, and you can’t switch it to another display device.


The Switch Lite is a nice fresh new Nintendo device, amazingly well-designed and aimed at a specific player preference.

Lite is highly recommended for players on a budget being $100 cheaper than the Standard; it’s also a preference that wants to play gaming on the go.

Lite is smaller and lighter as such extra enhancements had to be removed, for players who prefer to play the console on a television display, this can be a challenging sale for you.

The battery life is one of the best features of the Lite, however, compared to the newly refreshed 2019 Switch, the Standard wins with 3 extra hours of gameplay.

For players that prefer a portable handheld device aimed for platform or RPG games, the Lite is highly recommended for you.

The screen is prettier, the size is perfect, and it’s sturdy harder to break, depending on your preference you can’t go wrong with the Switch Lite, which is still one of the best Nintendo Switch devices to date.