Drone racing is popular among those who are willing to invest the required time and money, with some drones now reaching very impressive speeds, around 90 MPH.

Drone pilots use FPV goggles to see through their drone’s camera, steering around what’s generally essentially an obstacle course. In order to win, pilots need to be very skilled and practiced, and they need good equipment with high speed and as little lag as possible.

Drone racing is popular enough to have leagues and championships. There are competitions around the globe, and there are even some that are virtual that fall a little more on the e-sports end of things.

In some league competitions, pilots are awarded points based on how well they do on each track. This is then combined to decide an overall winner. In some drone racing, the person with the overall lowest time is the winner.

For all of these, there’s an adjustment period. While some people use FPV drone goggles for sightseeing, it’s a very different experience to feel as if you’re flying at 90 MPH from inside a drone, looping through a race track, darting through hoops, and dodging any obstacles.

As a result, FPV drone racing takes some significant practice in order to be good, and it’s not recommended for people who are very prone to motion sickness.

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Best 6 Racing Drones

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Best 6 Racing Drone kits

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