Which Gaming Mouse Has the Most Capabilities

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Choosing the right mouse for your graphical user interface is a tough decision to make as if a mouse that is better for one gamer might not prove useful for the other. The size, type, and efficiency of mice vary with different gaming personnel.

A mouse is an essential tool for a gamer’s arsenal. It might not affect the performance of a rookie, but substantially alters the gaming performance of a professional player.

The mouse sensitivity and shape are a few of the most significant features that gamers take into account. If you are wondering what to look for and how to choose your gaming mouse?

You have definitely come to the right place. In this article, we will give you a complete insight into the gaming mouse that is perfect for your gaming style.

What Type of Game do you play?

The first thing to look for is to determine what type of games you play. Are you a first-person shooter (FPS)? If you are an FPS player, then your choice of a mouse is a little tricky as you have multiple things to incorporate while deciding on a perfect mouse type because FPS players need high accuracy and speed with the right DPI ratio. Are you an RPG or RTS game-type player?

Then your mouse selection is a little easy to determine because then you only need a few extra buttons and you are good to go.

For an FPS player, the best choice is Razer Viper Ultimate you can buy it on Amazon by clicking this link, as it is a mouse with high precision and a reasonable DPI ratio. As FPS, games require rapid reflexes and high accuracy, this mouse is ideal for such Gaming purposes.

The best mouse for RPG or RTS players is the Harpoon Wireless Mouse. you can buy on Amazon by clicking this link With its exceptional DPI accuracy and extra programmable buttons, it is ideal for gamers of this gaming type.

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Razer Viper Ultimate

What Sensor type should you choose?

There commonly 3-types of sensors that generally get used in mice. All these types are in the following:

1-Laser Sensor

Even though the accuracy and speed of the mice that use such sensors are up to the mark, they have certain drawbacks as they read almost every surface they move.

Unless it is in the air substantially due to which when you reposition it to increase the area, it takes the gamer’s camera way off the target.

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Laser Sensor

2-Optical Sensor

These mice sensors are better in maintaining control while repositioning but adds an anomaly, as it does not read surfaces other than the mousepad resulting in a confined area for a gamer to move it.

2- Infrared Sensor

New technology has dealt with the problem of laser mouse lift-off and has incorporated the benefits of reading almost every surface it moves. As it is the most advanced gaming mouse types, it is a little expensive.

Razer Deathadder Infrared Gaming Mouse
Infrared Sensor

What is DPI Ratio?

DPI or dots per inch are a measure of the sensitivity of your mouse during motion. It is a ratio of your mouse movement to the on-screen variation in the game.

A higher DPI means that you will require less space and maneuvering of the mouse to achieve more movement in the game.

However, having a higher DPI means that you need to be precise with your mouse movements as any unwanted minimal movement will have a substantial impact on the game. Gamers that want to eliminate such anomaly prefer mice that have a balanced DPI ratio between 800-1600.

Wired or Wireless?

Wired mice come with the risk of being tangled with other wires or corners of your PC setup, but they are rapid in response and have no weakness of lagging behind that makes them a little preferable over the wireless mice.

Wireless mice have little lag because of the signal transmission and reception process they also rely on batteries. You might need to charge them during a crunch situation in the game.

Gaming Companies have come up with mice that use detachable USB for their operation rendering these problems ineffective.

Left Or Right hand handed Mice?

If you are a lefty, then you are at a slight disadvantage as there are not many companies making advanced gaming mice for the lesser market.

More technology changes and advancements incorporate for the majority of right-handed gamers with a higher DPI ratio and better response time.

However, if you are looking for a professional left-handed gaming mouse, Razer Naga Left-Handed Edition you can buy on Amazon by clicking this link, is the answer to your problems.

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Razer Naga Left Mouse


When it comes to gaming, gamers give the mouse a lot of pounding and hammering. The best mouse is the one that can endure all the stressful situations and can stand firm. The new mice that are coming to the fore are sturdy and well equipped to combat such a stressful situation.

What Do We Recommend?

You might be wondering which mouse has the most capabilities. We will give you the answer to this question.

There are a few considerations from our side to help you decide which gaming mouse best suits you. Look for mice that have more precision and reasonably high DPI ratios, as these are the two most important considerations to make while addressing this issue.

While considering these valuable features, we recommend Razer Viper Ultimate you can buy on Amazon by clicking this link as it contains the highest precision and a balanced DPI ratio.

This mouse stands out from the rest as it provides gamers with the added accuracy and control that other mice struggle to offer.

Use this article as a guide if you are looking for the best gaming mouse available out there. We hope you found the information useful and will now get the perfect mouse to improve your gaming performance.